A Wake-up Story

Watch the video and learn how to protect your child!

Children are precious gifts from God and we as parents are saddled with the responsibilities of making sure they are brought up properly. We need to learn how to do this. Note,  there’s no harm in asking for help when we need it.

Video-seminar: “COMING SOON”

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Our son was extremely happy here, bounding in without a care for her parents who would long for a goodbye! The teachers, including the principal, were easy to approach if we had any questions about either our son or the nursery. He was really fond of all his teachers and has made some very good friends within the peers.  We would highly recommend Eagle’s Flight Montessori Nursery to other parent our area.
Eagle’s Flight Montessori Nursery school gave my daughter the best possible start. The setting in sessions was brilliant and really helped put my mind at ease, especially with me going back to work. The ladies in the baby room are super friendly and enthusiastic and I can’t thank them enough for their support.
Jenifer OnistonCamberwell
At Eagle’s Flight Montessori Nursery, I have been impressed by the level of care given to my daughter since she started. The daily warm welcome of the staff makes both children and parents alike feel at cease, seeing the smile on my daughter’s face as we drive into the car park is proof enough for me that the team are doing something right.
Tamara LeePeckham
Once I drop my daughter off into the baby room, I fee she is as safe and as well looked after as I do at home. The care, consideration and attention my son receives is exemplary. Staff pay attention to his strengths and weaknesses and verbalize them to us and ideals for developing them are implemented.  All staff demonstrate an excellent attitude have excellent relationships with their designated children.
Alisa MilanoNew Cross
Eagle’s Flight Montessori Nursery school, has a lovely nurturing and stimulating atmosphere which my son loves. there is abundantly of space for him to explore and learn with range of toys and Montessori equipment they have. I know he is well cared for. I am always well informed both verbal and written and I also work together with the nursery staff to give my son the best possible experience.