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Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions reflect the custom and practice of private schools and they form the basis of a legal contract for educational services. The terms and conditions are intended to promote the education and welfare of each child and the stability, forward planning, proper resourcing and development of Eagle’s Flight Montessori Nursery School. These terms and conditions will undergo change from time to time as circumstances require.

The manager is responsible for the day to day running of the school and that expression includes those to whom any duties of the manager has been delegated.

Parents/guardians that have signed the Acceptance Form have also accepted responsibility for the child’s attendance at the school. Parents/guardians are legally responsible, individually and jointly, for complying with their obligations under these Terms and Conditions. Those who have responsibility (i.e., legal responsibility for the child) are entitled to receive relevant information concerning the child unless a court order has been made to the contrary, or there are reasons which justify withholding information in order to safeguard the interest and welfare of the Child.

Our Commitment
We will do all that is reasonable to safeguard and protect your child’s welfare and to provide pastoral care to at least a standard as required by law and to a much higher standard when deemed necessary.

We will respect your child’s human rights and freedoms which must however, be balanced with lawful needs and rules of our school community and the rights and freedoms of others.

Physical Contact
Parents/guardians give consent to such physical contact as may accord with good practice and is appropriate and proper for teaching and instruction and for providing comfort to the children in distress or to maintain safety and good order, or in connection with the child’s health and welfare.

Any questions, concerns or complaints about the care and safety of a child must be made in the first instance to the manager. In the absence of the manager, the designated acting Deputy Manager.

Manager Authority
The parents/guardians authorise the manager to take and/or authorise, in good faith, all decisions which the manager considers on proper grounds will safeguard and promote the children’s welfare.

The ethos of this school must be such as to foster good relationships between members of the staff, the children themselves and between members of staff and children as well as members of staff and parents/guardians.

Bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination will not be tolerated. The school and its staff will act fairly in relation to the children and parents/guardians and we expect the same of the parents/guardians and children in relation to the school.

Parents/guardians must, as soon as possible, disclose to the school in confidence any known medical condition(s), health problem(s) or allergy(ies) affecting the child, any learning difficulty(ies), special educational need(s) or emotional or behavioural difficulty(s), or any family circumstances or court order(s) which might affect the child’s welfare or wellbeing, or any concerns about the child’s safety.

The parents/guardians authorise the manager to override their own and (so far as they are entitled to do so) the child’s rights of confidentiality and to impart confidential information on a need to know basis where necessary to safeguard and/or promote the child welfare or to avert a perceived risk of serious harm to the child or to another person at the school. In some cases, teachers and other employees of the school may need to be informed of any particular vulnerability the child may have.

Special Precautions
The manager needs to be aware of any matters that are relevant to the child’s safety and security. The manager must therefore be notified in writing immediately of any court orders or situations of risk relating to the child for whom any special safety precautions may be needed. Parents/guardians may be excluded from the school premises if the manager, acting in a proper manner, considers such exclusion to be of the best interest of the child or of the school.

Permission to Collect
The school must be informed if someone other than the parent is collecting the child. No child will be allowed to leave the school premises with anyone who has not been given prior consent.

The child should not bring money, valuables or toys with them to the school, as the school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to such items. A comforter will be allowed.

Additional spare clothing must remain at the school at all times. All clothing must be named. The school will not take responsibility for the loss of unnamed clothing.

Health and Medical Matters
Medical Declaration
Parents/guardians will be asked to complete an Emergency Form concerning the child’s health and must inform the manager in writing if the child develops any known medical condition, health problem or allergy, or will be unable to take part in any school activities or has been in contact with infectious diseases. The child must not be brought into school unwell.

Infectious Diseases
Children will not be accepted into the school with an infectious disease and must not return to school until medically fit. The school reserves the right to send the child home if he or she becomes unwell whilst under the school’s care. It is a condition of acceptance that parents/guardians leave a daytime number.

The nursery will not administer un-prescribed medication. All medication must be prescribed and in date for time of use. Parents/guardians are asked to complete permission forms – stating specific details i.e. name, time and amount of prescribed medication to be given to child/children. Any child that is having long term medication, i.e. those suffering from Asthma or Eczema – will need to provide the nursery with medication that will be stored in a locked compartment or fridge on site. Children will also need to have a medical plan which will be devised with parental input. The medication must only be administered by the manager and dept. manager.

Medical Information
Throughout a child’s time in the school, the manager shall have the right to disclose confidential information about the child if considered to be in the child’s own interest or necessary for the protection of other members of the school community. Such information will be given on a need to know basis.

Emergency Medical Treatment
The parents/guardians authorise the manager to consent on behalf of the parents/guardians to the child receiving emergency, medical treatment including blood transfusions within the United Kingdom, general anaesthetic and operations under the National Health Service or at a private hospital where certified by an appropriately qualified person necessary for the child’s welfare and if the parents/guardians cannot be contacted in time.

Learning Difficulties
The school will do all that is reasonable in the case of each child to detect and deal appropriately with a learning difficulty which amounts to a ‘’special educational need’’. Our staff are not, however qualified, to make medical diagnosis of conditions such as those commonly referred to as dyslexia, or of other learning difficulties.

Information about Learning Difficulties
Parents/guardians must notify the manager if they are aware or suspect that the child has a learning difficulty and the parents/guardians must provide copies of all written reports and other relevant information. The school will endeavour to support the child and provide the relevant support to support the child’s special educational needs. In the event that the child is diagnosed with a special need and additional classroom support is required and where a long-term special needs teacher is deemed appropriate, it is then the responsibility of the parent/guardian to financially support the need for additional staffing for their child. If in the professional judgment of the manager and after consultation with the parents/guardians and relevant outside support agencies the school finds it cannot provide adequately for the child’s special educational needs, the parents/guardians will be asked to withdraw their child from the school and all fees including deposit will be reimbursed. The parents/guardians will not be charged fees in lieu of notice.

Our fees are set to reflect the cost of services being provided. Parents/guardians undertake the responsibility to pay the fees applicable for each term of attendance. Fees are due and payable on or before the invoice issue date. Fees are the joint responsibility of each person who has signed the place acceptance form.
Fees can be paid weekly or monthly in advance. Fees are due on agreed monthly date or paid one week in advance on the first day of your Child’s attendance, i.e. if your child’s attends 3 sessions a week starting on a Monday, all sessions must be paid for on that day. See also information sheet attached to registration form for fees per session. No parent/guardian will be allowed to owe beyond their week/month in advance.

Extra Sessions/Hours
We are happy to offer extra sessions and hours if they are available:
Please try to give as much notice as possible if you require extra sessions so that we can organise staff and food for your child.
Extra sessions booked but not taken are not refundable or transferable unless agreed by the nursery Manager due to exceptional circumstances.

Parents/guardians of any child/children aged 3+ or 4 years of age will be notified if/ when they become eligible for the Free Early Education Entitlement. For example, children who are aged 3 years by the 31st August will be eligible for funding from the term beginning in September, children aged 3 years by the 31st December will be eligible from the term beginning in January, and children aged 3 years by the 31st March will be eligible for the term beginning in April. Likewise, those who have been informed that they are eligible for the two-year-old funding, will need to supply the letter informing them of their eligibility.

Other Financial Funding
The Nursery will be pleased to give the registration number for any applications for Child Tax Credits, Student funding or Voucher schemes, once requested.

Late Payment
Any payments received after the due date on the invoice will incur a late payment fee £50.00, Payment of fees by a Third Party: An agreement with a third party (such as a grandparent) to pay the fees or any other sum due to the school does not release the parents/guardians from liability. If the third-party defaults, it does not affect the operation of these terms and conditions unless an express release has been given in writing. The school reserves the right to accept payment from a third party.

Fee Increases
Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to increase from time to time.

Voucher Payments
The school accepts voucher payments. A voucher payment registration form must be completed and an administration fee submitted. Vouchers must be accumulated and paid in a lump sum before the due date on the invoice. We do not take monthly payments. Please note that it takes 5 working days for the voucher payments to be credited to the school accounts. Voucher payments received after the date issued on the invoice will incur a late payment fee. Voucher payments will not be accepted for holiday schools.

Fees will not be refunded or waived for absence through sickness or any other reason. This rule is necessary so the school can properly budget for its own expenditure and to ensure that the cost of individual default does not fall on the other parents/guardians. No compensation will be paid or refund be given if the school has to be closed due to any reason beyond the control of the school, such as technical problems, building restoration, requested council evacuation leading to school closure or severe weather conditions.

Exclusion for Non-Payment
The right is reserved on 3 days written notice to exclude a child from the school whilst fees are unpaid. Exclusion on these grounds is not a disciplinary matter. A child who has been excluded at any time when fees are unpaid will be deemed withdrawn without notice.

Nursery Education Grant
Where all or parts of the child’s fees are funded by a School Education Grant, parents/guardians must pay for any sessions or services provided which are not covered by the grant.

Fees Instead of ‘Notice’’
This means a term’s written notice delivered to and actually received by on or before your child’s first day of their final term. No other notice will suffice.

Nursery Holiday fees
The Nursery will be closed for all Bank holiday and two weeks in Christmas Holiday. School fees must be paid as normal. The Nursery Open for 50 weeks in a year.

Inset Days
The nursery is obligated to take one Inset days per term for staff training. Parents/guardians will be informed of these dates in advance.

Sick & Holiday fees
Fees are payable as normal if your child is off sick or on a family holidays. Please note that funding will be paid for children taking holidays.

Wrap Around
A drop off and collection service is provided for children aged up to 5 years, who attend schools within the local area of the nursery. All parents/guardians to produce child’s full birth certificate and a copy for our files.

This means that the parents/guardians have withdrawn the child from the school. A term written notice must be given one month before your child’s final term. Or the acceptance deposit will be retained by the school and you may be liable for the following terms fees, the deposit will be returned once the school has received all outstanding fees. Provisional notice is not accepted by us except at the sole discretion of the manager.

The acceptance deposit will be retained by the school if, for any reason, you cancel your acceptance of a place or your child does not join the school.

In extreme cases, the parents/guardians may be required to remove the child permanently if, because of the conduct of a parent/guardian or the child, it appears to the manager that the continued presence of the child is incompatible with the interest of the school. The school would not terminate the contract without good cause and full consultation with parents/guardians. The Acceptance Deposit will be refunded without interest.

General Conditions
Term Dates
Term dates are planned in advance. We cannot guarantee that the school term dates will always correspond with other schools. There will be a half day school on the last day of each term to prepare for the end of term celebrations.

The school undertakes to maintain those insurances which are prescribed by law. All other insurances are the responsibility of the parents/guardians.

It is our intention that the Terms and Conditions will always be operated so as to achieve a balance of fairness between the rights and needs of parents/guardians and children, and those of the social community as a whole. We aim also to promote good order and discipline throughout our school community and to ensure compliance with the law.

Legal Contract
The offer of a place and its acceptance by the parents/guardians give rise to a legally binding contract on the terms of these terms and conditions.

Third Party Rights
Only the school and the parents/guardians are parties to this contract. The child is not a party to it. The acts and omissions of parents/guardians are binding on the child and vice versa as to any matter of behaviour, discipline and fees. All request and authorities by the parents/guardians are treated on being on behalf of the child.

These Terms and Conditions supersede those previously in force and will be construed as a whole and headings, unless required to make sense of the immediate context, are for ease of reading only and are not otherwise part of the terms and conditions. Examples given in these terms and conditions are by the way of illustration only and are not exhaustive.

Nursery Policies and Procedures
All nursery policies and procedures can be viewed online or they are available at the nursery. It is parents/guardians’ responsibility to read these and familiarise yourself with all policies and procedures. If you require clarification on any policy/ procedure, then please speak to the management team. The policies will be reviewed on a yearly basis. Parents/guardians will receive a copy via e-mail and will be asked to read through and if they would like to include anything they can speak to management.

Receiving Nursery Correspondence via e-mail
If you are happy to receive all nursery correspondence via e-mail, please write your preferred e-mail address below

Email Address: ………………………………………………………………..

The nursery reserves the right to change the above Terms & Conditions as and when the need arises. One months’ notice will be given in writing to any changes.

As a parent/guardian, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions set out in the above three pages.

Signed Parent/Guardian 1: …………………………………………………………..
Name: ……………………………………………………………………………………
Date: ………………………………………………………………………………………..

Signed Parent/Guardian 2: …………………………………………………………
Name: ………………………………………………………………………………………

Please note that a copy will be kept and placed on file and you can keep a copy for your own record.

Please sign below to confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to work with the school Policies and Procedures:

Signed Parent/Guardian: …………………………………………………………..





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